Curious for the polar light.

through the untouched snow.

Zooming over frozen lakes..


Hej hej,

We, Paula and Frans, two Dutch are living our dream and emigrated to Swedish Lapland. Since 2010 our company Laplandtime offers flyfishing- and pikefishing-packages during the summermonths. Since then many fisherman have already experienced the Timeless Relaxing here in the North.
From 2015 we also offer winter packages in the form of snowmobile tours. Would you like to escape from the daily hustle and stress? Away from the hectic world around you. To go somewhere you do not need a clock, and where you can hear the silence. Where the air is pure and where you can still smell the scent of the seasons. Here with us in Swedish Lapland, one of the last wildernesses in Europe, this all is possible.

In the wintertime, the snowmobile is the ideal way to experience the vastness of northern Sweden. Slow and technical driving through our dense fairytale pine forests or quick zooming across our frozen lakes and swamps. Snowmobiling optima forma! If you book one of our tours you will experience the thrill of the snowmobile ride yourself.
With us no mass tourism. Under the leadership of the guide, we will drive with a maximum of 4 scooters deep into the Lapland wilderness. Apart from reindeer and moose we will encounter hardly anyone else during the tours. We will enjoy our lunch somewhere along the way, sitting on a reindeer sheet, at a cozy warming campfire.
And think the evenings? After a delicious dinner you can relax in our warming soothing sauna and lazily enjoying the warm water in the wood hottubbe (Lappish jacuzzi). The ideal way to afterglow the experiences of the day with your group members. There is a good chance you can meanwhile admire the magical light show of the Northern Lights over your head. At that moment the hustle and bustle of home is infinitely far away and then you will experience the Timeless Relaxing