Curious for the polar light.

through the untouched snow.

Zooming over frozen lakes..


Booking Request,

On this page you can request for a booking of one of our scooter trips: 2, 4 or 7 night stay.
Enter the desired amount of nights for each scooter on the calendar, your name, email address and you can put a question or remark. After you filled in the form click “submit”. Each participant (maximum 4) has to book a scooter in the desired period.
The red colored dates are already booked.
When booking a family arrangement (2 adults and up to 2 children/young adults up to 18 years) you only need to book 2 scooters. In the remark field you mention “family arrangement”.
If you want to book 2 people on 1 scooter you only have to book 1 scooter. Write in the remark field that it should be for 2 people.

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REMARKS. Here you can put your questions
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