Curious for the polar light.

through the untouched snow.

Zooming over frozen lakes..


Terms and Conditions,

The contract for the booking is final as 30% down payment of the invoice amount is paid into the bank-account of Laplandtime. The remaining 70% shall, not later than 14 days prior to arrival, be paid into the bank-account of Laplandtime. Laplandtime shall be entitled to terminate the agreement if not at least 7 days before arrival the remaining amount has been received. The down payment will be seen as compensation for damages and will not be refunded to the customer.

When the customer cancels the booking-arrangement within more than 40 days before arrival, the customer does nog have to refund the remaining amount (70%). The down payment is a compensation for damage and will nog be refunded to the customer. In case of cancellation by the customer less than 21 days before arrival, in addition to the down payment the customer must also pay the remaining amount.

Responsibilities and liabilities.
Laplandtime is responsible for the proper performance of the contract, according to the expectations of the customer. For the activities of Laplandtime the customer has to be in a good physical condition and there are no mental disorders, which may hinder the chosen activity or make it impossible.

The customer is responsible for a travel insurance and a health insurance with coverage abroad. The activities and the stay at Laplandtime happen at the risk of the customer. Laplandtime is not liable for any personal damage and consequential damages, neither for material damage.

Laplandtime takes care of the snowmobile insurance. The customer is responsible for the own risk margin. This is € 350 of a claim for damage.

Safety has a high priority at Laplandtime. At all time the instructions of Laplandtime must be strictly followed by the customer. During the snowmobile tours the prepared scooter-trails or the by the guide of Laplandtime indicated paths must always be followed. The participants of the snowmobile tours are allowed to drive a snowmobile if they are in possession of a driving license AM, A or B and are 16 years or older.

Laplandtime takes care for the cleaning of the accommodation prior to arrival. The customer is responsible for properly keeping and use of the accommodations, the rooms and the available equipment (including snowmobile, snowmobile clothing, fishing-rods, etc.) in the manner as "fit and proper care." Any damage should be reported to Laplandtime. The customer is responsible for any damage.

If an activity cannot take place because of illness on the part of Laplandtime, Laplandtime must notify the customer immediately. The activity shall, if possible, be transferred to another date. If this is not possible or if the delay on the part of Laplandtime due to illness, lasts longer, the activity will be cancelled and Laplandtime will refund the down payment and remaining amount to the customer.

Force majeure in circumstances beyond the control of Laplandtime - such as fire, war, strike, catastrophes, extreme weather - Laplandtime has the right to terminate the contract without liability for damages and/or repayment of down payment and remaining amount.