Curious for the polar light.

through the untouched snow.

Zooming over frozen lakes..



Winter in Lapland lasts about 7 months, sometimes with low temperatures and we have often much, very much snow. It is therefore you have to dress well when going outside. It is important that you have several layers of clothing attracts. On this page you'll find some tips.

1. Thermal underwear. Buy a good quality.
  2. Ordinary nylon socks.
  3. sweatshirt, sweater or fleece jacket.
  4. warm (fleece) pants.
  5. Warm woolen socks.
  6. Winter jacket or ski jacket and ski pants
  7 Snowshoes.
  8. Cap. A balaclava is ideal for under your scooter helmet.
  9. Scarf.
  10. Good winter gloves, preferably mittens.
  11. Sunglasses.
It is not necessary to spend lots of money on expensive winter. Lapland Time wants to make it as easy as possible for you and ensures the scooter overalls, shoes and helmet (points 6 and 7).

Also bring some swimwear for the sauna and / or badtunna. Towels are provided.

As in all of Sweden we ask you also to pull out your shoes at the front door of our accommodations. Take therefore a pair of slippers along for indoors.

Swedens’ currency system is still the krona. In Lapland you won’t get far with euros and the nearest ATM machine lies at a 100km distance. Your snowmobile-package includes about everything you need, except alcohol/liquor and a souvenir. If they are on your list, take some Swedish krona with you.

Connect a travel insurance and check that you have a health insurance cover abroad. Please also bring a proof of insurance in case you (hopefully not) need it And finally, perhaps unnecessary. But make sure you pass or ID card are valid.